The Sound of Topicus

Together with Leonhard van Voorst I gave a workshop in sound design.
This was a company event of IT company Topicus.

‘De Sound van Topicus’ (Dutch for ‘The Sound of Topicus’) was a one-day workshop where we explored the sounds and their possibilities of the building of Topicus.¬†Recording the sounds with a handrecorder we walked through every space searching for interesting and useable sounds. We dropped a Fatboy and turned that sound into a snare, recorded the noises of the coffee machine and printers and hit every pillar for all sorts of percussion sounds. And some people brought along their synthesizers, so we fired those up to see what they could do with it.

Topicus Soundwalk

It was a lot of fun goofing around with everyday office-objects. And it’s great to see how quick people discover the potential of every sound and start to think creative with them.


Listen to the result below. The sources of all the sounds are Topicus. Either made by employees and their equipment or the company-building.


“Thanks again for the amusing workshop and the presentation. We got many enthusiastic responses, especially about the workshop!”