Martinus Maximus

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of St. Martinus, we mixed a concert band with electronic music.


Arguably the biggest and most ambitious project I’ve ever done. Combing the sounds of the St. Martinus concert band with heavy beats, sound effects, gnarly synths and lush soundscapes during a live concert was amazing.


The percussionists played on drumpads, launching risers, impacts and several sound effects. Or they created electronic beats by triggering kicks, snare, hi-hats and other percussive samples. Though we worked with a click-track, everything was triggered live by either the performers on stage or by me in the FOH. This required a complex live-setup, with multiple laptops (running Ableton Live) and a whole network of in-ear monitoring and cables.


Modern (dance-)tracks such as ‘This Is What It Feels Like’ and ‘Hey Brother’ were brought to life with new beats and sound-effects. But  the classical composition of Oregon was brought to the 21st century. We accompanied it with soundscapes, beats made out of train-samples, added new synth-layers and even transformed the climax into a dubstep break. Growling basses included of course.

Many hours were spend sound designing, writing sheet music, working on the technical aspects and of rehearsing. But all of the hard work paid of and the performance was a huge succes.


I would like to thank the St. Martinus concert band for all their hard work and dedication, making this an unforgettable event.